7 outstanding steps to create a marketing strategy 2022

So, you want to create a marketing strategy ready for the challenges of 2022? We hear you.

But maybe you don’t know where to start or how to make the most of the current trends and opportunities. And we’re telling you – we’ve all been there. Confused, overwhelmed, and considering options.

Luckily for you, we’ve got years of marketing experience to draw on. And today we’re doing just that to teach you how to create a marketing strategy in 7 simple steps.

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With that said, let’s get down to it.

Characteristics of a Good Marketing Strategy

The thing is, you don’t want to create just any marketing strategy. You need one that will be an asset, a reliable guideline, something that is helpful rather than confusing.

But how do you tell if your marketing strategy meets these criteria?

It’s quite simple.

marketing strategy

Source: Brightery

It’s Specific to Your Business

Always create a marketing strategy that is specific to your business. What works for others may not work for you. It’s good to get inspired by campaigns run by your competitors, but copying them one to one is never a good idea.

When creating your marketing strategy, take into consideration the specifics of your business – from why it stands out to what are its weak points.

It Outlines a Clear Path to Follow

A good marketing strategy doesn’t confuse you. If yours makes you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to bin it.

A marketing strategy that sets you up for success clarifies doubts and shows you a clear way towards your goal. It never creates more questions than it answers.

It Includes a Detailed Marketing Plan

Contrary to popular belief, “marketing strategy” and “marketing plan” aren’t terms that you can use synonymously.

In brief, the strategy includes the WHAT part – what do you want to achieve? What do you want to do?

Meanwhile, your marketing plan describes the HOW – the tasks and assignments, steps to be taken to make your strategy happen.

You can’t create a marketing strategy without a marketing plan. It’s the nuts and bolts to keep your business machine running.

It’s Innovative and Creative

While we all have our favourite tools and techniques to attract customer attention, you need to remember one thing: overused becomes overlooked.

Sticking to old and working methods will only get you so far. Meanwhile, getting creative and investing in innovative or even growth-hacking tactics can significantly boost interest in your brand. 

Creating Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

Knowing what a good one looks like, you can now set out to create a marketing strategy of your own.

The process boils down to seven steps you should be following.

Step #1: Segment and Profile Your Customers

A good marketing strategy revolves around the idea of promoting the right product to the right people. To do that, start by profiling your customers.

Ask yourself: who are they? What do they need? Where do they hang out? What communication methods do they prefer? Answering these questions will help you clarify the channels you should focus on to reach as many people as possible. Then you can present them with your segment-specific offers and message.

Step #2: Analyze Your Competitors

Analyze your competitors to search for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to learn from them – both from their failures and successes. Take a peek at what they do, what messaging they utilise and what channels they favour. Consider if the same could work for you.

Step #3: Understand the Current Trends

Strategies that worked five years ago may be no longer effective. Before sitting down to create a marketing strategy that will work in 2022, be sure you’re up to date with the latest marketing trends.

Here are some of the most curious ones:

  • According to Meltwater, influencer marketing remains as strong as ever 
  • Digital Marketing Institute stands behind social media marketing – particularly behind Tiktok, the popularity of which is on the continuous rise
  • Oracle argues that marketing in 2022 will be progressively dependent on technology – especially AI
  • Matt Brittin on Think With Google advises focusing on data protection – an increasing concern among customers all over the world
  • Also on Think With Google, Jenny Fernandez acknowledges the rising need for sustainable solutions; in 2022, you should make it easy to be eco-friendly

Step #4: Understand Your Obstacles

Be sure to understand your own business well – not just the strong points, but also its weaknesses. If you know what obstacles you may find along the way, both from within and without, you can prevent setting onto a path that eventually ends in a roadblock you can’t pass.

Step #5:  Identify Your SMART Goals

Goal setting is an indispensable part of creating a marketing strategy. The key is for them to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Following this methodology, you will avoid creating unclear goals that you can’t appropriately measure.

Step #6: Define Marketing Plan

Using all information you’ve gathered so far – your client and competitor analysis, channels, trends and goals – create a marketing plan. It will include all tasks, routines and processes that are necessary to complete your strategy.

Step #7: Document the Process

Last but not least – document your strategy, your marketing plan and the ongoing processes. It’s crucial to be able to go back to the strategy as it was in the beginning, re-analyze your tasks or add information previously omitted. Thanks to this, you will stay on track and have tangible data to define your success or failure.

Final Thoughts

Creating a marketing strategy in 2022 is a challenge just as it used to be in the past years. The only difference is what specific problems you will be up against now. Luckily enough, following these 7 steps is bound to make things easier for you. Remember – it’s all about trial and error, so don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out from the get-go!