.how to choose a country to expand your tech business?

how to choose a country to expand your tech business?

Hey there, I’m a .captain of .out of spacetime, an agency helping companies sell internationally via local salespeople.Β So far, we have supported several tens of companies to launch their sales activities in foreign markets.


Here’s an overview of 11 questions you should ask yourself before expansion:


πŸ€” Is there a pain point my product solves in the target country?

πŸ€” What is the size and growth rate of the target audience?

πŸ€” How big is the penetration of companies offering the same solution / solution to the same paint point as me?

πŸ€” Does my USP/UVP apply to the new country or do I need to come up with a new one?

πŸ€” Are there any regulations governing my industry?

πŸ€” How does the typical business communication style in this country differ from my home one?
(This will mostly affect your sales process)

πŸ€” Is there a talent pool available in this country with the skills I need to operate?

πŸ€” How does the IT infrastructure look in the country?

πŸ€” Does the government of this country offer any incentives for foreign businesses like mine?

πŸ€” What language barriers and time zone challenges would I face in this country? Am I prepared for them?

πŸ€” What data privacy regulations are in place in this country, and how will I comply with them?


So, that’s it. Yeah, and if you want to make your life easier read on.


(YES, it is me with my kids’ toy globe on the picture below πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ)

how to choose a country to expand your tech business?



Most of the questions mentioned above we’ve already implemented in Luna, our AI country selector.


She will do the basic research for you in about 3 minutes, so you have a great starting point.


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