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.trusted by start-ups and big brands, too

.from guesswork to framework in 3 weeks

If you want your flight to be successful instead of reaching the destination by accident, plan it first.*
*Applies to digital marketing, too.


.services to help you grow

Let us be your guide to the digital marketing galaxy. We'll help you reach the stars.


Strategy Consultation and Growth Plan

Let's cooperate on the creation of your digital marketing and growth strategy. We'll help you plan the journey to reach your chosen destination.


Lead Generation
and CRO

We will fix your lead generation strategy, design landing pages, create lead magnets and optimise conversion rates to generate more leads with higher quality.


and Traffic

Keyword- and data-based Optimisation of your content marketing activities will see improved results in traffic and an increase in overall visibility.

.the 4-step process

This is how it looks like to fly with us:

Issue Removal - firstly, we’ll remove your biggest issue so that you are ready to fly. This is crucial as you need to be able to breath to reach your goals.

Flight Planning - on the basis of detailed analysis, we create a plan to reach your goals taking your current activities into account.

Rocket Building - based on the plan, we create all the digital assets and connect them to support each other and deliver results automatically.

Engine Optimisation - we experiment, test and optimise everything to improve the results over time. Then we scale the optimised solution.

SOME IMAGE - eg a graph continuing into rocket (just an idea) - like on the illustrational image below

.we curate the best experts from all over the world for you, so that you don't have to

We have a highly sophisticated process of selecting, as well as managing, the right candidates. Our project managers are experienced in leading remote teams to ensure you receive a worry-free package and high level results.


Powered by
Flash Teams

We create and manage on-demand virtual teams 100% tailored to your needs. Only highly specialised experts will be working on your project.



Up to now, we have managed specialists from 36 countries.
Scale and Growth are in our DNA.


Stanford University Approved

According to the Stanford University, Flash Teams could be the future of work reducing time and costs to half (!!!).

.get results or get your money back.
100% guaranteed.

We stand behind our services. Therefore, if you're not happy with the results, we will not charge you a penny.

.meet the captain

Hi there, I'm Marek (the handsome guy on the image). I’m the captain and founder of .out of spacetime and I have:

10+ years of experience in creating and executing digital strategies for over 100 long-term clients including start-ups, scale-ups as well as global brands

Co-founded and led a progressive digital agency Hype, which I have sold to create an innovative solution for clients with growth mindset, .out of spacetime

Experience in communication in the most of the European markets for brands throughout the industries, most passionately Tech, Ecommerce and FMCG

.read what previous voyagers have to say

"We were struggling in lead generation when entering two of the new markets. Guys from .out of spacetime were working on a solution and came up with a strategy that allowed us to overachieve in all of our KPIs, most significantly lead generation (271 %) and traffic (178 %) which was also reflected in sales increase."

Nikolette Nurcik
Marketing manager, PEPCO

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