For business success, quantity is more important than quality

Quantity is more important than quality

For the whole life I believed that quality was more important than quantity. However, over time I found out that this was clearly not true.

Let’s say you want to build a successful company. Isn’t it much better to focus on sending five sales messages or executing calls every day than thinking about the one big idea that will change the whole game?

Or you want to grow a personal brand. Isn’t it better to focus on a single daily LinkedIn post rather than waiting to create that one fantastic post that will go viral?

When reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, there was one section that rang my bell. A story about a photography course experiment.

The instructor divided the class into two groups.

The first one was briefed to take as many photographies as possible.
The second one, on the other hand, was told to take just one fantastic photo.

Then, he would evaluate which group was more successful in terms of quality of their output. As you probably guessed, the students briefed to take as many photos as possible were the winners.

Why is that? As they were focused on shooting photographies, they had the luxury of opportunities to experiment with sunlight and stuff. The other group was just thinking about the best composition without actually shooting it first.

Those real life experiments made all the difference.

And what does it mean for you in business and marketing? Let’s not over-plan every single step and hope it will turn out well. Let’s experiment with real life situations.

That’s the philosophy of .out of spacetime. That’s why we understand how important it is to have an on-demand team of experts ready and available for you rather than an agency that will plan every single step of the project and then just follow the plan hoping for the desired result.

Quantity > Quality. Practice > Theory. Actions > Over-planning.