Remote work unleashes your creative potential

remote work unleashes your creative potential

Last week I was chatting with a friend about creativity in remote work environments.

He argued that he was not able to imagine someone to come up with a good idea on their own. That there should be a team sitting in the same room, eating pizza and throwing out ideas.

Well, first of all… brainstormings like the one described above don’t work. Period.

Take a page from innovation geniuses like Jobs or Einstein. Did they come up with their best ideas in the office while munching on pizza? Definitely not.

It’s said that Jobs preferred long walks, while Einstein went out on his yacht and let his mind wander.

See the patterns? Free thinking time, a change of surroundings. Perfectly creative environment to support your own creative genius. Yes, environment. It’s a key element.

In a remote setup, you have much more control over it. No colleagues having an interesting talk about the last weekend. Or those “I know you’re brainstorming but let me just quickly ask you a question” moments.

When working remotely, you get to choose where you work, whether it’s a local cafe or a garden studio with a scenic view. It’s practically up to you.

But this freedom also comes with a risk. If you don’t define your environment wisely, you may end up productively stuck.

So, if you work remotely, make sure to create an environment that supports your needs, and allows you to be as productive as possible.

If you ever feel stuck, go for a walk and switch to a different location.

Always remember that you have the power to change your environment in a remote work setup. It is one of your greatest advantages. Make good use of it and unleash your creative potential! 🚀