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.hey, marketing managers. Here's our offer


During this free consultation, our specialist will go through your brand’s digital strategy with you. Find out how to improve your strategy and remove the risks that cost you a ton of marketing resources and cause you a lot of frustration, stress and headaches.

Your data, your funnel

Should you bring your current data, we will use it to simulate a digital funnel. On top of that, we will show you the hidden potential of your digital approach, discover the cracks in your strategy, and we will share how to repair it so you can prioritize and boost your growth instead of fine-tuning tactics. 

It will allow you to improve the impact of your marketing strategy the fastest way possible to reach your goals – whether it be with a sales increase or winning new leads. Once the strategy is set up, you can scale it somewhere .out of spacetime 🚀

.your scalable strategy refined by global experts

Don’t rely on static local agency teams filled with fluctuating all-rounders living within a 100-mile radius of the office. It is an old-school model that is inflexible, delivers inconsistent results, lacks improvements and often teams don’t have time for you. This is not us. 

As per
.out of spacetime,

  • Сooperate with remote experts from all around the globe
  • Compose and manage on-demand virtual teams tailored to your needs
  • Work as an extension of you team,
    not just as a vendor

.proven process

10+ years of experience: creative direction and strategy combined with the business perspective of building an agency.

Do you copy? My name is Marek Didak and I serve as the captain on this ship 😉

My career kicked off in the startup universe working on global solutions. An experience that inspired me to build one of the most recognised digital agencies in my country, Slovakia, where I’ve been working as a strategy and creative director helping many local and international clients until successful exit.

Over the years, I found the most common reasons why our clients did not see the sufficient impact of their marketing resources. Repeated over and over again, their strategy was not defined well enough, they haven't set the right metrics to measure success, and therefore, they were just improving the tactics without sticking to what really matters - goals and results.

At .out of spacetime, we want to help you overcome these issues and assist your growth by winning new sales and leads without wasting money for shortcut solutions that will bring even more problems.

If you want to grow, FILL IN THE FORM, answer a few questions about your current situation, and schedule a free consultation for your scalable digital strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the call worth my time?
Well, it depends on whether you want to find the root cause of your digital marketing problem and discover solutions with a skilled consultant. If you are happy with your current results and don't want to change anything - we get it – you have better things to do. However, if you do have any issue with your current performance stats and want to improve and scale it, it's definitely worth spending 60 minutes with us.
What will the call look like?
During the call, we will go through your current marketing issues and find their root causes. Thereafter, we will identify the potential solutions so you know where to spend your energy and budget. If you bring your data to the table, we will even simulate a realistic funnel with your numbers. We will give you an overview accompanied by a proposal to start focussing on digital marketing improvements.
I just want to improve my SEO / ad campaigns / social media marketing.
These are all the tactics to help you get to your goal. From the first interaction with your content to winning a client and beyond, we need to identify the root cause and set your strategy so that it is consistent from the get-go. Then you will see the performance improvements of your channels. You don't want to skip this step because then you will not see the real impact of your marketing. Let’s say again – f*ck shortcut solutions. They don't work, and, at the end of the day, just cost a lot of money, pressure and stress.
What if I simply increase the marketing budget?
If you scale something that doesn't work, you are just feeding your problems. Your marketing strategy should make money and not waste it. Once profitable, you can increase the budget, and look at growth opportunities.
How is this solution scalable?
This strategy is "modular". It covers your clients' entire path from a lead interacting with your content right to winning them and beyond. However, it is set up from modules that can vary and can possibly be added infinitely times. Once the full strategy is set up, you can scale it, increasing your marketing budget, using different archetypes of clients, creating other customers' journeys and/or scaling it to other markets. In other words, once the strategy works, it is easy to implement new "modules".
Which goals will it help us achieve?
We believe that at the end of the day there is only one common goal of marketing - to generate more sales, either by direct selling or by winning new leads (yes, we know you need to grow your brand but the goal of brand awareness is just... increase sales). We can help you with both of them - sales and sales qualified lead generation.

    To identify if we are the right fit for you, we would like to ask you several quick questions.

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