5 reasons proposal video presentations help us close more deals

"Wow, we need to also adapt this approach" random client once a month

There is one thing companies we talk to say they love about our sales process (except for me, of course đź’…), and today I would like to share that one thing with you. So, the secret sauce is… TADAAAA… a video. As easy as it sounds, I’ll walk you through our process of how using price proposal video presentations helps us close more deals.

Spoiler – yes it really is as easy as it sounds.



“Wow, we need to also adapt this approach” random client once a month

Hearing literally each month from at least one prospect that they would like to adapt this approach, I think it makes sense to share with you how we improve our deal closing with video presentations.

Let’s say you have been through one or more discovery and clarification calls, and your potential customer wants a proposal from you. Now, you can schedule a call, prepare a proposal, and present it during a call or…



Price proposal video presentation

Each time we prepare a price proposal, we also shoot a video where we go through it. It’s like a video explainer where we present the proposal while recording our screen. Quick, easy, and super effective.





Think of it as a pre-meeting VIP pass for the client. It serves multiple purposes throughout the sales process. Below, I’m highlighting some of the most important benefits of this approach.



1. It helps your client to prepare ahead of a meeting

How many times have you been presented with something and just said, “I need to think about it”? And how many times have you heard that response? An easy video explainer can help to completely remove it.

Each participant can prepare before the meeting, so they are not thrown in front of new information about which they have to decide immediately. Everybody is informed, everybody is prepared, everybody knows the benefits of what you’re going to present. Plus, they have time to think about their constraints. During the meeting, you can then focus on addressing these constraints and answering additional questions instead of going through basics resulting into “I need to think about it” answer.

Does that make sense? Yeah, I know, what if a client doesn’t have time to watch your video ahead of the meeting? You can always present the proposal during the appointment, and the video stays with the client. Read on to understand why it’s important.



2. Video refreshes your memory… and emotions

Isn’t sales all about emotions? (hint: it’s not, but emotions play a very important part in it). So, what happens if the client postpones the decision for several weeks, sometimes months? Most of the time, they just completely forget about what you’ve presented to them, not to mention the emotions they felt.

That’s where your explainer comes into play. Even after months, they can easily revisit the key points and rekindle their initial excitement whenever they’re ready. It’s like having a 24/7 sales rep in their pocket, reminding them of the value you offer long after the meeting ends. Remember, a delayed “yes” is still a “yes,” and the video keeps your proposal at the forefront of their mind!



3. It makes you a perfect presenter 

Nervous of the presentation? Or maybe you’re just not having your ideal day. No problem—you can record video presentation as many times as you wish, ensuring you present the ideal version to your client. You can refine the message until it shines. No more scrambling to manage nerves during live talks! This simple approach ensures your client receives a polished, professional explainer that reflects your expertise and builds trust.

Even if re-recording presentations may sound like a time waste, it’s not. First, it’s always better to send a perfect presentation than a bad one. And second, each time you present, you’re perfecting your skill. Later, you will need just one attempt most of the time.



4. Video presentation sells to absent stakeholders

Let’s face it, sales often involve multiple stakeholders. What if they’re not present during your proposal meeting? Then you need to rely on the receiver of your presentation and hope they’ll persuade other stakeholders. If you send your proposal together with a video, they can simply pass all the information from one to another.

The absent stakeholder can then simply watch your video presentation and be first-hand informed.

Again, it’s simple as hell, yet so effective.



5. It can save your a*s from faux pas

We’ve all been there – a typo lurks, a competitor’s name instead of the current prospect’s one appears in the proposal just because you forgot to rewrite it… If you pre-present the proposal in privacy, you minimize the possibility of such a faux pas.

I can’t count how many times it saved my 🍑


So, these are the benefits I personally find the most important. If they didn’t convince you to start using video presentations of your price proposal, I think nothing will. Usually, it only costs several minutes of your time, yet has so many advantages.

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Yeah, and I’m also preparing an article of step-by-step guide of how we record video presentations, so they really help you sell. Go and check our blog section in case I forgot to link it here (again).