.wanna see quick results? Find your low hanging fruits.

Direct outreach, emailing, LinkedIn, ads. A lot of companies just do as much of whatever sales and marketing activity as possible just to be overwhelmed by work and not see any results in terms of closed deals. 

If you want to overcome this issue right from the beginning, let’s start with definition of your low-hanging fruit during a short workshop to see results as soon as possible.

What will happen?

During the 2-3 hour long workshop we will together search for answers to WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW and based on that define your low hanging fruit

WHO are we selling to? Who is our persona? Who is typically involved in the sales process and when? What do they look like? What are their requests, issues, fears and how do they imagine the ideal solution? 



WHAT are we selling? Not the product itself, what benefit are we selling to which persona? 



WHY should they buy? What exactly are we going to solve / deliver / add to their lives? 



HOW are we going to get the persona rid of their issue(s)? This is typically where we differ from the competitors.

Once we have these answers, we can formulate hypotheses about what your low-hanging fruit might be.


Is it contacting subsidiaries and partners of your existing clients? Companies that just received funding? Or the ones that are currently hiring for roles relevant to your product? Maybe it’s companies whose website looks like it was designed in pre-internet era? 🙈



Anyway, if it makes sense to you, check out the monthly subscription plans and let’s start selling together.