.why is Netflix different in each region?

When you’re browsing Netflix in different countries, it’s a slightly different experience.

You may notice differences in content libraries, pricing, payment methods, and even menu changes.

Why is that?

Netflix excels in localization.

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, they invest heavily in understanding regional differences and preferences 🌎

This means offering a mix of globally appealing content alongside local productions that resonate with cultural nuances and local stories.

Their hit series Sacred Games in India is a perfect example 🇮🇳

Or Sexy Beasts, as seen in the image below 👹


This also involves adapting the user interface, including menu options, layouts, and even payment methods, to local preferences 💳


Additionally, they tailor algorithms to local tastes, suggesting content based on what’s popular in each region.

So, what lesson should you learn? If you want to go global, go local.

💡 Don’t just copy-paste your approach from one country to another.

💡 Understand local nuances, understand local tastes and needs.

💡 That’s the key to global expansion.


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