.not selling enough? Stop talking that much about…

Have you ever heard about the Zeigarnik Effect? The method companies like Netflix, Apple, Amazon or Starbucks use to sell more (if they use it, that must be something 🤔)? Read this and you will 😉



Imagine you’re at a conference, someone asks about your business, and you have two options for your response. Which one do you think works better?

a) The one where you outline the added value and explain how you deliver it
b) The one where you outline the added value without explanation of how you deliver it
c) Both work pretty much the same

Whatever you think, research shows that option “b” wins every time 💡


By leveraging the Zeigarnik Effect, which suggests people remember uncompleted tasks or information more than completed ones, you spark curiosity and drive engagement, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a positive response 🚀


Basically, our brains are designed not to like incomplete stuff. They want to close the ticket 🧠


THEREFORE, people are more likely to remember and act upon information when it’s presented in a way that leaves them wanting more.

THEREFORE, incorporating the Zeigarnik Effect into sales pitch can increase engagement and lead to higher conversion rates.

THEREFORE, next time you’re pitching your product or service, hold back some information to create intrigue and curiosity.


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