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We build AI sales reps. 

No robot voices. 100% human conversations.

Bookings     Info     Outreach     Call analysis     Lead rating     Email drafting     ...and more!

Working with us, represented by numbers:


days to deploy a solution


possible increase in 
sales opportunities


system availability

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The best AI-powered sales assistant

The system learns and operates without human input. Ready to work in a week. Integrated with the tools you already use.

Use cases

Free up your sales team’s time and only focus on quality leads.

Inbound Leads

Do you collect phone numbers on your website via a form? 

Use our AI sales assistant to get in touch with those leads while they’re still interested.

Cold Calling
Avoid wasting your sales team’s time by making them do cold calls. 
Let AI handle it, then pass the interested leads to your team. 
Many people prefer talking over  typing out their questions into a chatbot on your website. 
Have an AI call agent available 24/7 to assist your clients.

How it works

1. Intro call

First, we’ll chat about your specific use case

2. Business description

We will craft a description of your business that will be used to train the AI. This step is crucial in creating the best possible experience for you.We’ll create this together with you to ensure the accuracy of every detail.

3. Wait a few days

Your work is done, leave the rest of the setup to us!

4. Enjoy your new coworker

Once the solution is deployed, you can enjoy the benefits right away.

Implementation benefits

Focus only on relevant leads.

Multi language communication.

Automatic sync with CRM, project and communication tools you already use.

Pricing levels

Choose a plan that’s right for you


We take care of system maintenance.

200 € / month

What’s included:

✓ Macro level fixes and adjustments

✓ Technical issue resolution 

✓ Communication directly with us 


Try AI calling.

2,000 € / setup

Get started with an AI calling system.

What’s included:

System deployment

✓ 24/7 operation


Cutting edge AI calling with integrations.

3,200 € / setup

Take advantage of integrations to further automate your sales.

What’s included:

System deployment

✓ 24/7 operation

✓ up to 2 automations

✓ Automatic call recap


Most advanced system on the market.

4,000 € / setup

Enjoy a complete suite of AI automations that replace a whole employee.

What’s included:

System deployment

✓ 24/7 operation

✓ up to 5 automations

✓ Automatic call recap

✓ Call analysis

✓ Automatic email response drafts

B**** please, I’m unique

Don’t fit into any box, right? For an individual approach 👇


.spacetime AI is an AI lab of the .out of spacetime sales agency, where we experiment with cutting edge sales technology.

We have expertise in implementation of the most up-to date AI voice sales tools. We will help you implement the tech stack you need to save sales reps’ time and improve productivity at the same time.

Unless you want something very special, our pricing is pretty transparent. Just take a look at our pricing levels.  

We use the industry-leading bland.ai software.

You definitely can set up a bland.ai system yourself, however there is a huge problem with that approach. Unless you are a skilled developer, you won’t be able to set it up to its full potential. You may end up with a faulty and mediocre system that was ultimately a waste of time and your company’s resources.

We guarantee professional setup.

Hiring someone is much more expensive than setting up an AI calling systems, especially when you consider that they would need to be trained.

Also, our system works right away and 24/7.

It already knows your product or service and doesn’t need a manager to check in on it.

First, choose a plan you like the most and we will come to you. Or simply let’s jump on a call. The initial consultation is free. We’ll determine your needs and identify growth opportunities. Then, we will recommend the right plan for you. 

Ready to help your sales team?