Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Without a Headache? Here’s How It Happens

According to Hubspot, 63% of businesses have increased their marketing budget past year. Their report also points out that companies focus mainly on digital ways to reach customers – through social media, SEO and online advertisement (such as TikTok ads).

It means your competitors are likely already out there, trying to snatch all fresh leads.

You don’t want to fall behind them and miss out on opportunities they seize by building a solid online presence.

And unless you’ve got a specialised in-house marketing team, hiring a digital marketing agency is your best shot at getting more clients online.

Today, we’re walking you through this task so you can get it right from the first try.


Things to Look For In Your Future Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a valid (and quite important, too) point in every marketing strategy. It might feel like a costly solution, but more often than not, outsourcing these services comes with a good ROI.

But seeing as not all digital marketing agencies are equal, it might be hard to find the right fit.

Before hiring one for your business, make sure they meet at least these basic standards.

  • Experience. Your company and your marketing budget should end up under professional care. That’s why you’ll definitely want to go with someone experienced. And even though there’s nothing wrong with working with interns or freshly baked freelancers, keep in mind that experienced agencies are the most cost and time-effective.
  • Best tools and techniques. When hiring a digital marketing agency, make sure they follow the latest trends and utilise the best technology. The point is to get the most out of every penny you spend. This can only happen thanks to a well-equipped toolkit.
  • Problem-solving. It’s easy to tell someone to spend a given amount of money on Facebook ads. The real art is to hire a marketing agency that will analyse what’s best for your business. You want them to be able to find problems, spot opportunities and choose the best course for your company.
  • Solid online presence. Look for someone who practices what they preach. It’s that simple.
  • Recommendations. A proven client record is a must-have. It’s even better if you can hire a digital marketing agency recommended by your fellow and befriended business owners. 
  • Flexibility. Both in pricing and in workflow, flexibility can do wonders. Seek a digital marketing agency that will adjust to you as much as possible to achieve the best results.

Define Your Needs

When hiring a digital marketing agency, you should be able to rely on their experience to find the best way to promote your business. In most cases, professionals will be able to define what’s going to be effective for you. 

Still, be prepared to specify what you’re after. Even if you’re unsure what channels or numbers to pursue, be able to define what are your general problems, needs or goals. A good digital marketing agency will be able to work even on a flimsy foundation by verifying your ideas and choosing the best route.

Investigate Your Sources

There is more than one way to hire a digital marketing agency. Each of them has its pros and cons. Here’s where you can begin your search.

  • Google them. One of the fastest ways to discover marketing agencies in your area is by doing simple Google research. This way, you’ll at least know they’re decent with their SEO expertise.
  • Ask in communities. Leverage your presence in online and offline communities of business owners to find the right fit. This comes with the priceless aspect of recommendations we’ve already covered.
  • Ask your friends. One of the best ways to hire a digital marketing agency is by being introduced to it by a trusted person – someone who has already worked with them, and whose opinion you consider reliable.
  • Consider freelancing websites. Some marketing agencies are effectively run solo. You can find them on freelancing websites, where their track record is public information, your money is protected and ending cooperation is easier than anywhere else.
  • Give it a shot at internship sites. Like we said above – don’t dismiss the idea of hiring interns. While they’re far less experienced than seasoned professionals, they have perks of their own – and being-cost friendly is one of them.

Research Them Online

Once you pinned a marketing agency that piqued your interest, take a moment to look them up online. It’s not just about their Google reviews, though.

Check out their social media and blog. Do they have a newsletter of their own? What’s their website like? Everything they put online speaks about their brand.

And it’s important for you to like what it says.

Ask About Their Tools, Methods and Processes

Here’s the thing: clarity is crucial.

You may not know much about digital marketing yourself. In fact, you may be oblivious to what’s the difference between CPC and CPM or what’s the click-through rate. Still, ask your potential marketing agency to explain how exactly they intend to reach your goals.

The way they clarify their processes will tell you a lot about how involved you’ll be in the process. The more transparency there is, the better for you, your business and your feeling of staying in control.

Make Expectations Clear

Once you defined your needs, make sure you convey them to your future marketing agency clearly.

While doing so, ensure clear communication. There’s so much more to it than asking for an X amount of clicks.

To give you a better idea, here are a few points to cover besides the goals you want to attain.

  • Through what channels and how often will you stay in touch?
  • Who’ll be responsible for communication between your business and your marketing agency?
  • Who’ll be calling the final shots?
  • How often will you receive reports? In what form?
  • What exit strategy do they propose in case of failed cooperation?
  • How involved will you be in the final approval of content creators and the content itself?

Think of defining the ways you want to work. Think about what will make your cooperation with that particular agency feel safe and under control.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency – Over to You

There’s no doubt about it – hiring a marketing agency can be a challenge. But when done right, it can be a real game changer for your business.

Make sure to follow our tips. And even better, practice them by booking a free consultation with us.